The trip of a lifetime: to the moon and back!

Star-gazing is one of the oldest curiosities known to man. Google Earth makes it possible to get a closer look at the sky's diamonds in graphic detail and with incredible satellite reach! The application shows you satellite images of Earth from above, the celestial sphere in its entirety.

Explore the entire world in all of its beauty and wonder

Google Earth captures the best of natural and man-made beauty on our Planet. Through its powerful satellite and cartographic systems you can observe the most archaic places in the world with an amazing level of detail. Journey throughout the seven continents Europe, North and South America, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Antarctic. Explore the physical landscape in all of its natural artistry and see the world's most historical buildings come to life with incredible realism.

Think it's impossible to walk the world? Well, it's not

One of the biggest attractions of Google Earth is so-called Street View. It allows you to view the world as if you were there standing in that location and looking around. With panoramic 360° imagery, Google Earth gives you the ability to walk anywhere through the digital.